I am a London based stage, costume & prop designer and maker.


What I am interested in the most is the realisation of atmospheric sceneries through fantasy and detailed representation.

I am in love with old school stage designing with an innovative twist, overloaded compositions, fun concepts and immersive events.


In 2019 I gained a Magister degree (MA equivalent) in 'Stage & Costume Design and Film & Exhibition Architecture' from the 'University Mozarteum Salzburg' in Austria.

These studies focused on the creation of a conceptional design but also supported experiences in the realisation of real life projects.


To gain more experience in making objects I spent a term abroad [2016-2017] at the UAL Wimbledon College of Arts (London,UK) in the program of 'Technical Theatre and Special Effects‘.


I’m originally from a village next to Bremen in the North of Germany. Before University I worked in the field of props/costume, casting and set organisation for Television production companies in Germany and Spain as well as for the musical department of a hotel resort in Turkey.


Thank you for taking a look at my website. Feel free to contact me for enquiries